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GAC Awards Criteria

Global Aircraft Awards Criteria
1) Each link on your site must function well. Each dead link will result in point loss.
2) Excessive consoles, banners, advertisements, etc. will result in point loss.
3) “Under construction” pages will be immediately disqualified.
4) Your site should be updated at least once every week.
5) HTML code must be correct.
6) If your site promotes adult (pornography) material, hatred, violence, racism, etc. (even through links), it will be immediately disqualified.
7) If your site offers Flash, or other up-to-date tools, an option must be available for non-supporting browsers ("skip intro", etc.)
8) Text must be grammatically correct and understandable.
9) Your site must be easy to navigate through for first time visitors. If not, help pages must be available.
10) Your site must load quickly (under 30 seconds on a 56k modem).
11) All sites must have 3 or more pages of content.
12) In order to win the award, you must be the website's owner/web master and be at least 14 years old.
13) If your site has too much JAVA and causes our browser to freeze or quit from an overload of information the site will be immediately disqualified.
14) Website topic is preferably aviation, although almost all topics are accepted.
15) Websites submitted correctly will get a response within a week. After your site has been reviewed and voted on, Global Aircraft will send you an e-mail stating whether you won a medal or not along with your scoring sheet. If you didn't win, you may edit your site and re-enter it after 90 days.

Your webiste will be graded in the following way:

Content - 20 Points
Navigation - 20 Points
Graphic design - 20 Points
Originality - 20 Points
Judge's personal opinion - 10 Points
Grammar, link, photo, and scripting correctness - 10 Points

Award Issuing:

95-100 Points - Gold Award
85-94 Points - Silver Award
75-84 Points - Bronze Award

In order to win the Platinum Award, you must have at least 1 GAC Award prior to entry and score a perfect 100.

If your site qualifies, click here to go to the application.


Sample Bronze Award       Sample Silver Award
Sample Gold Award       Sample Platinum Award

Last Updated September 21, 2001
All decisions made by our judges are final. You may resubmit your revised site after 90 days for re-evaluation.