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-- September 28, 2001: Global Aircraft is in the process of buying and a no-ad server! No further updates will be made to this site until we have transferred everything over to our new account. Global Aircraft will keep visitors up to date and redirect them to our new site when it's ready.

-- September 26, 2001: Tu-16 Badger Page Completed.

-- September 24, 2001: GAC Forum redesigned and sorted by subject.

-- September 22, 2001: "F-22 Raptor" site awarded GAC Bronze Award.

-- September 20, 2001: S-37 Berkut Page Completed.

-- September 18, 2001: Su-37 Flanker Page Completed. Expert Level Test Completed and added!!

-- September 17, 2001: Global Aircraft has won the CyberWeb3 Bronze Award! Check out the 'Awards GAC Won' for more info. GAC Personal Homepages are under construction and will be available soon!

-- September 14, 2001: Su-27 Flanker Page Completed.

-- September 13, 2001: GAC Aviation Tests completely redesigned along with grading procedures. All browsers are now supported!

-- September 11, 2001: Global Aircraft website production will temporarily stop due to the US Terrorist Attacks. Website will resume Wednesday 13, 2001.

-- September 10, 2001: Su-25 Frogfoot Page Completed. GAC Awards started. Now you can win the official GAC Award. Comes in gold, silver, bronze, and platinum! See awards criteria page for more information.

-- September 9, 2001: F-86 Sabre Page Completed. Leftbar was slightly redesigned. The search and counter section was enclosed within the 'Extra Navigation' section and the drop down box was removed (due to problems with Netscape 6.01). Problems with N 6.01 noticed with new layout.

-- September 8, 2001: B-58 Hustler Page Completed.

-- September 6, 2001: GAC Counter Version 2 (updated from V1 Beta 3). Customized Home Page script started.

-- September 4, 2001: YF-17 Cobra page completed.

-- September 2, 2001: Leftbar page edited. Boeing aircraft added, US X-Planes cut down.

-- September 1, 2001: XB-70 Valkyrie page completed.

-- August 29, 2001: Counter converted to graphics. Personal GAC homepage coming soon!

-- August 26, 2001: Counter added, Join, Ask A Q, and Links pages updated. PERL logging incorperated.

-- August 24, 2001: X-36 TFARA page completed.

-- August 15, 2001: Minor page layout changes - CSS incorporated, splash page removed, browser restrictions removed, homepage edited, legal page edited.

-- August 14, 2001: B-29 Superfortress page completed.

-- August 13, 2001: Global Aircraft is in the process of making a message board.Finishing date expected on August 31, 2001 - September 10, 2001. {PUT ON HOLD} F-8 Crusader page completed.

-- August 12, 2001: GAC Times created.

-- August 8, 2001: Search page updated, document count upgraded, overall size minimized.

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