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A-7 Corsair II
  Global Aircraft -- A-7 Corsair II

A-7 Specifications
Country: United States of America
Manufacturer: Vought
Designation: A-7 Corsair II
Type: Attack
Service Dates: 1966 to present
Length: 46'-1.5"
Wingspan: 38'-9"
Height: 16'-1"
Empty Weight: 19,403 lbs
Gross Weight: 42,000 lbs
Maximum Speed: 691 mph at sea level
Maximum Range: 3,224 miles
Maximum Altitude: 45,000 ft
Number of Crew: 1
Engine Type: Turbofan
Engine Manufacturer: Allison
Engine Designation: TF41 x 1
Engine Thrust: 15,000 lbs