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AH-1 Cobra
  Global Aircraft -- AH-1 Cobra

Webmaster's Notes
   The AH-1 Cobra was the world's first dedicated (that is, specifically designed) armed attack helicopter. The need for an armed gunship to protect unarmed helicopters had quickly become apparent during the early months of the conflict when many helicopters were lost to ground fire. The AH-1, being fast, heavily armed, and highly maneuverable, proved itself a powerful combatant throughout the rest of the war. Its precedent-setting design has led to many other variations (including some with two engines) and a number of other armed helicopters have been developed by different manufacturers.

AH-1 Specifications
Main rotor diameter: 48 feet
Wing Span: 10 feet 7 in
Length: 58 feet
Height: 14 feet 2 in
Powerplant: two 1212-kW General Electric T700-GE-401 turboshafts
Maximum Speed at sea level: 175mph (152kt, 282 km/h)
Armament: one chin-mounted M-197 3-barrelled 20mm cannon. Max 2,466 lb including 8 TOW or hellfire ATGMs, seven or 19-shot 70mm (2.75 in) rocket pods, 127mm (5 in) Zuni rockets, cluster munitions, napalm, AIM-9 and Stinger IR AAMs and drop tanks; qualified for AGM-65 Maverick AGMs.