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An-124 Condor
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Webmaster's Notes
The An-124 held the record for the largest plane in the world before the arrival of the An-225, which currently holds the record for the largest plane in the world. The C-5, holding the 3rd largest aircraft record held the 2nd largest before the An-225 Cossack came. The An-124 was developed primarily as a strategic military freighter to replace the An-22 (turboprop) but also as use for the Soviet Airlines. The first prototype An-124 made its maiden flight on December 26, 1982. The second prototype An-124, named Ruslan after Pushkin’s mythical giant, made its first western appearance at the Paris Air show in mid 1985. Besides the low-set tail, the An-124’s configuration is similar to the USAF C-5 Galaxy. An-124 models include the basic An-124; the commercial An-124-100 certificated in Russia in 1992, the An-124-100M with western avionics, and the EFIS An-124-102.

An-124 Specifications
Manufacturer: Antonov
Wingspan: 240 feet, 6 inches (73.3m)
Length: 226 feet, 8 inches (69.1m)
Height: 68 feet, 2 inches (20.78m)
Takeoff weight: 892,872 pounds (405,000kg) max
Fuel weight: 507,063 pounds (230,000kg) max
Payload: 330,693 pounds (150,000kg) max
Cargo hold: length: 118 feet; width: 21 feet; height: 14 feet, 5 inches
Armament: None
Engines: four Lotarev D-18T turbofans
Thrust: 51,590 pounds (229.50kN) each
Crew: 6
Take-off field length at max weight: 9,850 feet (3000m)
Cruise speed: 537 mph (865km/h) max
Range with maximum fuel: 10,250 miles (16,500km)
Range with maximum payload: 2,795 miles (4,500km)
Ceiling: 35,000 feet (11,000m) normal
Landing run at max weight: 2,625 feet (800m)