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An-225 Cossack
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Webmaster's Notes
The An-225 Cossack holds the current world record for the largest aircraft in the world, yet has never gone into full production and probably never will. The An-225 is a six-engine development of the An-124 designed to carry the Soviet 'Buran' space shuttle on its back. A new central wing section with two more engines was inserted, twin tail fins were fitted, the landing gear was reinforced and dorsal attachment points were added. The Buran program was abandoned, and the An-225 has been grounded. The first An-225 prototype flew on 21 December 1988.

An-225 Specifications
Manufacturer: Antonov
Weight (tons): 250,5tons
Max. Takeoff Weight 600,000kg
Max Payload 250 tons cargo
Max Speed (km/h): 850km/h
Cruise speed 700kph
range w/max.fuel: 15400km
range w/max.payload: 4500km
M./Engine: 6 * 229.5kN Lotarev turbofans
D-18T engines, 6 x 23'370 kgs

Dimensions (m): (wingspan)88.4m x (length)84.0m x (height)18.2m
Wing area 905.0m2
Carbin: 4.4mx6.4mx43m
Man./Crew: 6
Alt. (m): 11,000m
Design The first prototype flew on Dec, 21. 1988.
Entered production in 1989.