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AV-8B Harrier II
  Global Aircraft -- AV-8B Harrier II

Webmaster's Notes
   The Boeing Company, British Aerospace and Rolls-Royce teamed to produce the AV-8B, as an upgrade to the AV-8A. The first production AV-8B aircraft was delivered in November 1983. Deliveries of night-attack Harrier IIs began in September 1989. The U.S. Marine Corps received its first Harrier II Plus aircraft in July 1993, and its first remanufactured Harrier II Plus in January 1996. During the 42 days of combat, 86 Harrier IIs flew 3,380 combat sorties, 4,112 combat hours, and delivered more than six million pounds of ordnance. Throughout Desert Storm, Harrier II squadrons achieved an aircraft readiness rate greater than 90 percent. Harriers are on constant deployment with Marine Expeditionary Units throughout the world.

AV-8B Specifications
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas
Wingspan 30.3 feet
Length 46.3 feet
Height 11' 7"
Empty weight 14,867 lb
Maximum take-off weight 31,000 lb
Maximum payload 13,086 lb
Maximum speed at sea level 0.90 Mach
Maximum speed at altitude 1.0 Mach
Engine one Rolls-Royce F402-RR-408 Pegasus (23,800 lb)
Radar Raytheon APG-65 Pulse Doppler Radar
Missiles Raytheon, AIM-120A AMRAAM, Sparrow, Sea Eagle, Harpoon