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C-5 Galaxy
  Global Aircraft -- C-5 Galaxy

C-5 Specifications
Official Designation C-5B Galaxy
Unofficial Nicknames F.R.E.D., Linda Lovelace, Fat Albert
Primary Function Massive strategic airlift
Contractor Lockheed-Georgia Co.
Operator United States Air Force
Power Plant Four General Electric TF39-GE-1C turbofan engines
Thrust 43,000 pounds per engine (ATR)
Cruise Speed 540 mph (Mach 0.77)
Range Unlimited with in-flight refueling
Fuel Capacity 332,500 pounds (51,450 gallons)
Operating Weight 374,000 pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight 769,000 pounds (standard); 840,000 pounds (wartime)
Takeoff/Landing Distances 12,200 feet takeoff (fully loaded); 4,900 feet landing (fully loaded)
Wingspan 222 feet, 9 inches
Length 247 feet, 10 inches
Height At Tail 65 feet
Stabilizer Span 68 feet, 9 inches
Cargo Compartment Size Height: 13 feet, 6 inches; Width: 19 feet; Length: 121 feet (excluding ramps)
Number of 463L Pallets 36
Maximum Payload 240,000 pounds (normal); 291,000 pounds (wartime)
Basic Crew Six (pilot, copilot, two flight engineers, two loadmasters)
Date Deployed December 1969 (C-5A); December 1985 (C-5B)
Total in Service 126 aircraft