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F-15 Eagle
  Global Aircraft -- F-15 Eagle

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  The F-15 Eagle is the most capable multirole fighter in the world. The F-15 entered service in 1974 and has attained an unprecedented perfect air combat record of 100.5 victories and zero losses. F-15s were responsible for downing 33 of the 35 fixed-wing aircraft Iraq lost in air combat during Operation Desert Storm, and the F-15 was responsible for downing four Mig-29 fighters during the Balkan conflict. In Desert Storm, the F-15E strike fighter provided devastatingly effective flying at night and in bad weather to attack numerous mobile Scud missile launchers and other high-value military and ground targets. The F-15E also maintained a 95.5 percent average mission capable rate, the highest of any fighter in the war. In the Balkans, the F-15E was the only fighter able to attack ground targets around the clock, in all weather conditions. The F-15E can carry payloads of up to 23,000 pounds and is the only fighter in U.S. production capable of performing the long-range, precision strike mission.
   More than 1,500 F-15s have been produced for both domestic and international customers, and have accumulated more than 4.4 million flight hours. Approximately 1,150 F-15s are still in service worldwide with the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard, and with the air forces of Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

F-15 Specifications
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas
Length: 63.8 ft (19.45 m)
Height: 18.5 ft (5.65 m)
Wing Span: 42.8 ft (13.05 m)
Propulsion: Two P&W F100 turbofan engines in 29,000 lb (13,154 kg) thrust class with afterburning

45,000 lb (20,411 kg) class
81,000 lb (36,700 kg) max gross takeoff

Speed: Mach 2.5 class


Mix of air-to-air weaponry includes: 20mm cannon, AIM-120 (AMRAAM) missiles, AIM-9 (Sidewinder) missiles, AIM-7 (Sparrow) missiles

Air-to-ground ordnance includes precision guided munitions, and a variety of missiles and bombs. Air-to-air weaponry includes cannon, four medium- and four short-range missiles.