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RAH-66 Comanche
  Global Aircraft -- RAH-66 Comanche

Webmaster's Notes
   The Comanche is a twin-turbine, two-seat (tandem) armed reconnaissance helicopter with projected missions of armed reconnaissance, light attack and air combat. Initial operating capability is set for the year 2006. It will replace obsolete AH-1 and OH-58 attack and observation helicopters. The RAH-66 incorporates stealth technology by housing all weapons inside weapons bays on the sides of the helicopter. The first RAH-66 took its first flight on January 4, 1996 at West Palm Beach in Florida.

RAH-66 Specifications
Manufacturer Boeing Helicopter Company and Sikorsky Aircraft Division (joint venture)

Length 46.78 feet (rotor turning)
Width 39.04 feet (rotor turning)
Height 11.0 feet (overall)
* Air-to-air Stinger
* Hellfire
* 20mm three-barrel turreted gun
* Hydra-70 rockets

Weight Empty 7,765 pounds
   Combat Mission 10,600 pounds

Mission Equipment
   * Centralized processing architecture with Ada software
   * Target acquisition system with aided-target detection/classification and automatic target tracking;
   * night vision pilotage system, wide field-of-view (35ox52o) helmet-mounted display

Propulsion Two T800 1,440 SHP gas turbine engines 5-blade main rotor Fantail anti-torque
Crew Two
Speed 330 km/hr / 172 knots - Dash speed
315 km/hr / 164 knots - Dash speed (@ 4,000 feet/95oF / with Longbow)
310 km/hr / 161 knots - Cruise speed

Vertical Rate of Climb 500-850 feet per minute
Range 262 nm Max Range (internal fuel)
1,260 nm self-deployment range