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V-22 Osprey
  Global Aircraft -- V-22 Osprey

Webmaster's Notes
   Bell Helicopter and Boeing Vertol joined forces during the early 1980s to develop a larger scale aircraft of the XV-15 tilt-rotor demonstrator program for the Joint Services Advanced Vertical Lift Aircraft program, which combined the vertical takeoff capabilities of a helicopter and the efficiencies of a fixed-wing aircraft. The V-22 was awarded with full-scale development in 1985. Flight testing of the V-22 started on March 19, 1989, and it successfully demonstrated airborne transition from helicopter to wing-borne flight in September 1989.

V-22 Specifications
Primary function Amphibious assault transport of troops, equipment and supplies from assault ships and land bases
Prime Contractor(s) Boeing Defense and Space Group, Philadelphia, PA; Bell Helicopter Textron, Ft Worth, TX; Allison Engine Company, Indianapolis, IN

Length 57' 4" - Spread63' 0" - Folded
Width 84' 7" - Spread18' 5" - Folded
Height 22' 1" - Spread18' 1" - Folded
Takeoff Weights 47,500 lb Vertical Takeoff/Landing (VTOL)
  55,000 lb Short Takeoff/Landing (STOL)

Range 200nm Pre-Assault Raid with 18 troops
  200nm Land Assault with 24 troops
Unit Cost $40.1M (Total Program Recurring Flyaway, Constant Year, FY94$)