Global Aircraft
GAC Aviation Test - Beginner
  Global Aircraft -- Aviation Test - Beginner
1.) Which aircraft has a more powerful powerplant (engine) for a SINGLE engine, the F-16A or F-15C? (F-15 has 2, only calculate 1)
A) F-16
B) F-15
C) Both the same

2.) Which has a faster turning rate, the F-16 or the Su-37?
A) Su-37
B) F-16
C) Both the same

3.) What is the top supercruise speed of the F-22 Raptor in mach?
A) Mach 3.9
B) Mach 1.58
C) Mach 1.382

4.) What U-2 Pilot was shot down on a reconn. mission over the U.S.S.R.?
A) Maj. Michael J. Adams
B) Gary Powers
C) Sophearith Moeng

5.) What plane company produced the B-2 Spirit?
A) Northrop
B) Lockheed

6.) Of the 732 KC-135 built, how many had a short fin?
A) 582
B) 103
C) 702

7.) How many bombs can the F-117A Nighthawk carry total?
A) 5
B) 2
C) 15

8.) How many HELLFIRE missiles can the RAH-66 Comanche carry internally total?
A) 10
B) 3
C) 6

9.) Which U.S. carrier won the Baldrige Award, the highest award for quality?
A) C-5 Galaxy
B) C-17 Globemaster III
C) C-141 StarLifter

10.) What do the C-17 Globemaster’s wings do at their tips?
A) Fold up
B) Turn jagged edged
C) Curve back

11.) What plane, which never made it into production, was the F/A-18 made from?
A) F-19
B) YF-17
C) YF-13

12.) What plane was the first supersonic bomber?
A) XB-70
B) B-58
C) B-17

13.) What is the most distinct feature that the AV-8B Harrier II has?
A) V/STOL technology
B) Mach 3 flight
C) Extreme largeness

14.) In the Gulf War, the F-117A made 2% of all ground attacks during the war, yet it made ___% of all strategic ground target kills.
A) 40
B) 99
C) 62

15.) What McDonnell aircraft was originally designed as a shipboard interceptor for the USN and USMC?
A) F-4 Phantom II
B) S-3 Viking
C) F-15 Eagle

16.) On radar, which animal size would the F-117A show up like?
A) Medium bird
B) Small cat
C) Bear

17.) Which aircraft was the West’s most widely used and versatile military transport?
A) C-130 Hercules
B) C-17 Globemaster III
C) An-124 Condor

18.) How many B-2 Spirit aircraft did the USAF originally need?
A) 217
B) 133
C) 75

19.) What is currently the world’s most expensive aircraft?
A) An-225
B) B-2
C) F-117

20.) What are the windows of the F-117A plated with to reduce its Radar Cross Section?
A) Copper
B) Gold
C) Aluminum

21.) On the first day of Desert Storm how many 2,000lb LGBs did the F-117A drop total?
A) 13
B) 119
C) 62

22.) Throughout the 7,550 hours of flight time and 1,261 sorties for the F-117A in Desert Storm, how many aircraft were lost OR damaged?
A) 1
B) None
C) 3

23.) What 3 colors do the F-117As drag chutes always come in?
A) Black, yellow, green
B) Black, blue, red
C) Yellow, white, brown

24.) What were the only 3 planes that were originally equipped to carry the AIR-2A Genie Nuclear AAM?
A) F-106, YF,12A, YF-22
B) F-106, F-101B, F-89J
C) F-101A, F-89B, F-16C

25.) How many miles away can the F-117A be seen in the desert in the daytime?
A) 29 miles
B) 32 miles
C) 10 miles


A plane flies overhead and drops a BLU-82 bomb on a base. What most likely is the plane that dropped the bomb?
A) C-130
B) B-1b
C) F-16

27.) What is the top speed of the HyStrike/Fast Hawk missile in MACH?
A) Mach 3.5
B) Mach 7
C) Mach 2.1

28.) TRUE or FALSE, an F-15 has successfully shot a satellite out of space.

29.) TRUE or FALSE, the YF-23’s rudders are about the same size as the F/A-18’s wings.

30.) What is the most recent and probably the last of the U.S. nuclear bomb designs?
A) B 61
B) B 101
C) B 83

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